Instruction # 22 - CDBurnerXP Pro 3

Last Updated : 2008/12/26
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See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

1. Installing : open downloaded file. If it is zipped, unzip with Good Zip Freeware and open it then click next.

The message says " uninstall old version of this program first. " and " If you don't have Windows Media Player 9 installed and planning to use the WMA format, then WMFDist.exe need to be installed on the system before installing CDBurnerXP pro."

For people who don't want to download anything, click next > next > check the I accept the terms in the license agreement check box. > next > next > next > install > finish.

2. You must know :
1. Type of media you have. See media type info.
2. What you want to do with your media.

Real capacity of CD, DVD

CD, 800 MB can contain 781.25 MB data
781.25 MB is from (800MB * 1000) / 1024
( From )

DVD 5 Single Sided, Single Layer 4.7 GB can contain 4.38 GB data
DVD 9 Single Sided, Dual Layer 8.5 GB can contain 7.95 GB data
DVD 10 Dual Sided, Single Layer 9.4 can contain 8.75 GB data
DVD 18 Dual Sided, Dual Layer 17 GB can contain 15.90 GB data
DVD R Single Sided 4.7 GB can contain 4.38 GB data
(From )

3. Now you know the information of CD and DVD. Let me give you an example of working on CDBurnerXP pro.

This program can write CD and DVD. Insert blank CD-RW and go to desktop then open shortcut of the program.

Program opens, New Compilation windows shows 3 options.
1. Working on Data CD/RW, DATA DVD/RW and ISO image file
2. Working on Audio CD
3. Ripping Audio CD

Select option number 1, new window opens.

CDBurner XP Pro 3

In the picture above,
number 1 : set CD/DVD drive. If you have change default option, you must restart program.
number 2 : set to joliet for long file name.
number 3 : name CD by clicking New_Compilation and pressing F2.
number 4 : select Drive to find file you want to write then drag and drop at CD Name, file name will show at Number 3 area.

Make sure number 5 area stays green, that means you have enough space on CD.

4. Now you have files waiting to be written, click menu Disc > Write Disc...

New window opens, set important value.

Writing speed : slow but sure, I recommend 4x for CD, 1x for DVD.
Finalize disc : I recommend not to check this check box if next time you want to write this CD without losing your previous written data.

Automatically shut down the PC when done : I love this feature so much. When writing completed, PC will be shut down automatically.
Before using this feature, you should do the following things.
  • Uncheck Eject the disc after writing finished check box.
  • Close all programs except CDBurner XP Pro 3.
Then click Write Disc, wait until it's done.
Confirmation of success opens, click OK > Done.
Close program by pressing Alt and F4 on keyboard, the message asks to save layout, click No.

5. Now you have data written on CD, insert this CD then open CDBurner XP Pro 3. Select option 1, program will ask what you want to do between Continue Disc and Don't Continue Disc

Why does program ask ? Because CD contains Data and CD is not finalized.

Select Continue Disc and follow the writing process as usual.

CDBurner XP Pro 3

In the picture above, blue area is data size written on CD, green area is data size waiting to be written, 32.64 MB = blue area + green area

6. Erasing disc : Insert erasable disc > Open program > select option number 1 > click menu disc > erase disc... > erase > wait until it's done > OK.

7. Writing an ISO image file : click menu file > write disc from ISO file...

At select an ISO image to write, click 3 dot button to select an ISO image file then follow writing process as usual.

8. Converting a file that has the extension "bin" or "nrg" to an ISO image file : click menu file > convert ISO image.

CDBurner XP Pro 3

At select output file name, locate and name output file then click Covert File.

9. Making bootable CD : Insert blank CD then click menu disc > boot options...

New window opens.

CDBurner XP Pro 3

Check make disc bootable check box, the value will be set automatically then click OK.

10. Writing audio CD : remember that CD will be finalized.

Insert blank CD then open program, select option number 2 to write audio CD. Then select files, click menu Disc > Write Disc...

Set writing speed, click Write Disc. Follow the writing process as usual.

11. Converting file from audio CD : insert audio CD, open program and select option number 3. Go to tab AudioGrabber options, at Current Drive, select Drive. At Audio Options

CDBurner XP Pro 3

Select which format you want. If you select MP3, new window opens, select quality and other options then click OK. Then you should check write ID3v2 to the grabbed track. At save options, locate file.

Go to tab grab audio tracks, select track by checking check box.
Add data such as artist name, album name.

Name track by selecting track and naming in session and tracks information.
Then click save album info, click grab track to MP3.....Done !

Check accessibility of data in CD, try Media Checker 2.02.

See Requirements | Download CDBurnerXP Pro 3 Now
If you can't get this freeware, leave a comment.
See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

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