Instruction # 73 - ARen 2

Last Updated : 2008/12/25
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See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

1. From my experience, this program can not rename .txt file.

2. Installing : open downloaded file. If it is zipped,
unzip with Good Zip Freeware and open it. Then click next > check I agree the agreement check box > next > next > next > next > install > finish.

Program asks you to open user guide, click No. Program will open.

3. This program can change both folder and filename. I recommend to order your files in Windows Explorer, select them and then drag and drop to ARen 2 window.


You can change file order by click filename and hold down mouse. Then drag where you want and release mouse. Click refresh on menu bar.

4. Rearranging column to work faster : click NewName column and hold down mouse. Then drag to where you want in order to get your job done faster and release mouse.

I only want three columns : Name, Extension and NewName.

Make sure auto test button is pressed down.


5. Now you should know what is the new name for your files.
Click add to add method of renaming.


Menus show, select new name then type name you want. You can see the changes in NewName column. If you have more than one file and give them only one name, program doesn't allow. I recommend adding number by clicking - Incrementing numbers.


Add extension by typing dot and clicking - Extension. Now filename will be changed to test1.mpg and test2.mpg.

Click start batch, confirmation window opens then click rename. New window opens to report error, if error found doesn't equal 0, you have to check which filename turns red then change its name right.

You can save method of renaming by clicking disk picture button.


Name it and click OK.

6. Using renaming method you saved : click folder button.


Select method you want then click OK. Now you get the idea of the basic of renaming.

7. This program has more methods, click down arrow near add button to see methods.

New Case : Change size of characters.
Remove : remove characters from left and right.
Replace : replace character with another character.
Add : add character.
List : change filename by typing new filename of every file in the list.


To save list you created for future use, click Save List.
To use list you saved, click Load List.

To remove method, right click method and click Delete.


8. If you have picture files, click thumbnail button to see pictures.....Done !

Whatever a rose is called, it still smells sweet. this line can be interpreted in many ways, but you can interpret the fact in one way.

See Requirements | Download ARen 2 Now
If you can't get this freeware, leave a comment.
See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

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