Instruction # 9 - FlyakiteOSX 2

Last Updated : 2008/12/25
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See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

1. Make a backup of your important files.

2. Installing : open your downloaded file. If it is zipped,
unzip with Good Zip Freeware and open it. Then click OK > Next > check "I accept the terms in the license agreement" check box > next > next > next.

The software options window opens, at dock you can select only one option. In this instruction, select RK Launcher. For people who want to know the object dock , see the description and instruction of ObjectDock 1.02.

Select the rest of the options then click Install, program will create a restore point. The new window informs that "New restore point successfully created. It is listed as : Flyakite OSX v2.0 date and time created".

You should remember this information then click OK > wait for the installation process > click Next > click Finish.

Your computer restarts.

If you have any problem with the system, click start > all programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > select restore my computer to an earlier time > at a calendar, select the restore point created in the installation process > click Next > follow the steps.

3. Get ready for the changes.
Boot Skin

FlyakiteOSX 2

Log On Screen

FlyakiteOSX 2

FlyakiteOSX 2


FlyakiteOSX 2

You can place a taskbar on the top of the screen by right-clicking the taskbar and uncheck Lock the taskbar. Then click the taskbar and hold then move it to the top of the screen, release your finger.

Start menu

FlyakiteOSX 2


FlyakiteOSX 2

To get to know the dock, see step 4.

Windows Explorer and folders

FlyakiteOSX 2


FlyakiteOSX 2

Transparency button

FlyakiteOSX 2

Y'z shadow creates shadow on windows, menu and taskbar.

FlyakiteOSX 2

To customize it, right-click a monitor icon on the taskbar then select setting.

Folder color

FlyakiteOSX 2

iColorFolder program allows you to change the color of folders by right-clicking a folder then click Color Label then select your desired color.

Minimize window to a title bar

FlyakiteOSX 2

WinRoll program allows you to right-click a window title bar to minimize window to a title bar. To restore, right-click a window title bar.
To customize WinRoll program, at taskbar, right-click program icon near a monitor icon then select options.

Control Panel

FlyakiteOSX 2

4. Color scheme : in the picture above is the tiger color scheme. You have five more color schemes to select : tiger-compact, tiger blue,tiger blue-compact, tiger graphite and tiger graphite-compact.

To change a color scheme, right-click desktop then select properties > tab appearance > select your desired color scheme from the drop down menu > Apply > OK.


FlyakiteOSX 2

Flurry Screen Saver

FlyakiteOSX 2

Flurry program gives Windows machine a Flurry Screen Saver.
Right-click desktop > properties > screen saver > settings > at choose your flurry, select "fire" then click OK > Apply > OK.

Turn off computer

FlyakiteOSX 2

5. Something is not changed.
a. The icon in the open and save file window is not changed.
b. Some icons are not changed.

6. Using the dock.
a. To add a program icon, click and hold an icon then drag to the dock then release your fingers.
b. To open a program from the dock, click its icon.
c. To remove a program icon from the dock, click and hold an icon then drag out of the dock and release your fingers.
d. To change an icon style, right-click an icon in the dock > select dock item properties > click change icon > select your desired icon style > OK.
e. To make your own icon, create an image file that has extension .PNG, size 128 x 128 pixels. Place your image file in C:\Program Files\RK launcher\icons
d. Settings : right-click the dock ( don't right-click an icon in the Dock ).

7. FlyakiteOSX settings : click Start > All Programs > FlyakiteOSX > FlyakiteOSX settings.

8. To uninstall FlyakiteOSX version 2, click Start > All Programs > FlyakiteOSX > Uninstall.

After uninstalling, Log On screen is not changed but don't worry, use LogonStudio program to fix it. See the description and instruction of LogonStudio 1.0.64....Done !

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See Requirements | Download FlyakiteOSX 2 Now
If you can't get this freeware, leave a comment.
See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

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