Why do some programs start automatically even when they are not in the startup folder ?

Check out Mr. Windows Freeware answer, please follow the steps :

1. Open startup folder : right click on start, and select open. A new window shows folder "Programs", open it. Then open startup folder.

The program names are in this folder will start automatically, when Windows starts.

2. Open startup tab in System Configuration Utility : click on start, and select Run...

Type msconfig, then press Enter. The system configuration utility window shows, then click "Startup" tab.

Let's compare the startup folder and the startup tab.


In the picture above, some programs are not in the startup folder, but those programs will run automatically when Windows starts because they are checked in startup tab of the System Configuration Utility. That is the answer of the question, but the next question is how can you tell the name of the programs by looking at Startup Item name ?

Sometimes you have to guess : look at the command column. If you see the path, such as C:\Programs Files\... , Go and see it.

If you see it, but you don't know it, I think there are 3 options : leave it, test it and find information about it.

Let's say you want to test it by deselecting a check box, then you have to click Apply, and click close.

To start the computer now, click Restart. After the computer restarts, the System Configuration Utility opens, check a check box, then click OK.

If the program you don't want it to run still shows its window, icon or something. That means you deselected the wrong item. Try again !

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