Instruction # 53 - Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

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If you can't get this freeware, leave a comment.
See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

1. Installing : open downloaded file. If it is zipped, unzip with Good Zip Freeware and open it. Then click next > I Accept > give program your e-mail address > next > next > next > next > next > finish.

2. Click start > all programs > download accelerator > download accelerator.

Then uncheck always check if download accelerator is my ... check box > click Yes.

3. From my experience, message shows " Int Gailed " . I don't know what it is but the program works fine, I click OK.

Another message shows " Your browser is needed to be restarted in order to finish browser integration. "

Click OK, program opens and shows its icon in a notification area.

Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

4. Setting : click menu downloads > options/configurations.
Let me show you the important value.

At general,
- launch download accelerator on startup
- show DAP Bar Internet Explorer

At save to,
- default download directory : select where you want downloaded file to be stored.

At advanced,
- log : I think you should allow program to create log file in order to store downloading links. You can search where your downloaded file is from.

Click close.

5. Connect Internet, open your web browser ( mine is Opera 7.5 ), then find the file you want to download, find the link of that file by moving cursor over the text " download ", "download now", "download this program" or "file name" you will see tooltip showing the link.

Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

Then right click, select copy link address. Open download accelerator plus, next time I will call it "DAP", then click an add url button, a new window opens and shows the copied link.

Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

Click OK, a new window opens, make sure that the information program shows you is right, then click start download.

If text "resume supported" shows.

Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

That means
- you can pause and download anytime you want.
- when Windows shuts down unexpectedly, you can continue downloading.

The text "Resume NOT Supported" is rarely seen.

Cool Feature : Queued downloading.

6. Queued downloading : you can continue downloading more than one file automatically.

Copy download link, open DAP then click menu Url > Add New URL > past downloading link > click OK > click Download Later.

Then do the same steps with other download links.

At DAP window, right click one file name > select Start Download > select Start Download.

Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

In the picture above, at DAP window, right click another file name > select Properties > check Queued check box > OK.

After your first downloading finishes, your second downloading will continue automatically.

7. Shutting down Windows, when downloading is completed : you can use this feature with one file downloading or Queued downloading.

Close all programs except DAP first then open DAP, click menu dowloads > options/configurations.

At the left pane, select connection, then check disconnect after download is completed check box.

At the left pane, select download completion, then check shut down computer after downloading check box.

Click close, do the downloading process, then close monitor.....Done !

The Best download manager needs the Fastest web browser :
Opera 9.62

See Requirements | Download Download Accelerator Plus 5.3 Now
If you can't get this freeware, leave a comment.
See my computer spec # 1 for testing this freeware.

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