Instruction # 92 (Part 2/3) - Firefox Portable 3.0.4

Last Updated : 2008/12/29
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See my computer spec # 3 for testing this freeware.

4. Getting add-ons : go to this link.

Let's start with themes, at Firefox add-ons web page, click Themes from the Categories on the left side : select theme you want, and click on Add to Firefox. A new window opens, wait for a while until you see the "Install Now" button, then click on it. The Add-ons window tells you to restart Firefox to complete the installation. Do what it says.


That is the process to find and install add-on.

Add-ons Mr. Windows Freeware recommends ( to install add-on that has xpi extension e.g. show_keywords-3.xpi, click Firefox's File menu > Open file > Locate the add-on file > follow the steps. )

Download Show Keywords 3 Now

Description : Search with your favorite online search box by typing on the location bar.
After installation completed : Find your favorite search box on the internet, then right click on the search box, select Add a Keyword for this Search...


The Add Bookmark window opens, define name and keyword. (e.g. spd is the keyword for Softpedia Website search box.)
Then click OK. At location bar, type keyword followed by the words you want to search, and hit Enter.


Opera 9.62 has this COOL Feature.

Download Video Download Helper 3.4 Now

Description : download free web video, such as youtube.
After installation completed : right click 3-ball icon near the location bar, and select preferences.
Click tab General, at storage directory, select where to store downloaded files, and click OK.

Go to your favorite video site, and play. If you see 3-ball icon moving,


click the down arrow, and select the video to download. Play your download video with FLV Player : Applian FLV Player 2 build 24

Download Find All 1.1 Now

Description : Find and show search result window in order to lead to the original text.
After installation completed : press and hold "Ctrl", then press F. Toolbar "Find" appears at the bottom.
Type what you want to find in a box, then click Find All. The search result window will show below tool bar "Find".


In the picture above, there are lines that have the word "depress". Click the line to go to the search result on webpage.

Download FoxClock 2.4.97 Now

Description : the World time in your status bar.


After installation completed : in the picture above, right click on the clock bar, and select FoxClocks... to choose Time Zone, then add to the watchlist.

Download No Squint Now

Description : Zoom webpages and remember the zoom level per site.


After installation completed : in the picture above, right click on magnify glass, and select Global Settings. Click tab Options, at site : you can select between "Remember zoom level per site" and "Use the default zoom level for all sites".

Download All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.6 Now

Description : show Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Add-ons, useful infomation and Page Info on your side.


After installation completed : in the picture above :
icon # 1 : click to toggle sidebar automatically. When mouse moves out of the side bar area, sidebar disappears.


When mouse move over the area in the picture above, sidebar appears.

icon # 2 : Bookmarks
icon # 3 : History
icon # 4 : Downloads
icon # 5 : Add-ons
icon # 6 : Click to display information, such as source code.
icon # 7 : Page information

To customize add-ons, click on icon # 5, you will see useful tabs. Click tab Extension, then select add-ons you want. You can uninstall, set the preferences, enable and disable them from here.

Download FEBE 6.0.3 Now

Description : backup Firefox extensions to .xpi files that can be installed easily.
After installation completed :
settings : click menu tools > FEBE > FEBE Options. Click tab Options, at Backup type, click selective.

At Backup items, check "Backup extension" check box, and check "Backup themes" check box.

Click additional items, check backup bookmark and backup preferences check boxes. You can check others you want.

At options, check all check boxes.

Click tab directory : click Browse to select where to store the files.

Click tab Schedule, set time you want to backup, then click schedule time. After you have finished setting options, click OK.

Backup manually : click Firefox's tools menu > FEBE > Perform Backup.

After the backup process has finished, a html page shows Result Report.


Restore : to install add-ons from your backup, click Firefox's File menu > Open file > Locate the add-on file (e.g. Download Helper (3.1).xpi)

To restore bookmark from your backup, click Firefox's file menu > Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks...
A new window opens > Import and Backup > Restore > Choose File... > Open file "bookmarks(profiles).json".
A "Revert Bookmarks" dialog shows, click OK.

To get add-on that has xpi extension directly from the Firefox add-ons web page, try downloading it with other web browsers. I downloaded it with Opera 9.62, it works fine.

Download CLEO 4.0 Now

Description : combine extensions/themes into a installable file.
After installation completed : Click Firefox's Tools menu > FEBE > CLEO > CLEO options.
Click tab Directory, click Browse... to select where to store the files > OK.

Click menu Tools > FEBE > CLEO > Create Cleopack.
A new window opens, define name of Cleopack, and click select items to package.


Select extensions and themes you want, then click Open, click Create Cleopack.

To install Cleopack file, click Firefox's File menu > Open File...

Download Notefish Now

Description : save, organize and share information of internet web pages that you find.
After installation completed : the program icon is near the location bar


Click on it, a new window opens : you have to create an account first, after you have finished process, a Notefish window opens, just close it.

Create folder to store note : click to open All-In-One side bar, then click the icon.


Right click on Notefish, then select Visit Home Page, and click New to create a category to store your data.

Find data to take note, and select it, then right click on it, select Notefish : copy to...


A Notefish window appears, click on the category you want to store data.

Go back to Notefish website, and click on the selected category.


To share category, click share.

See Requirements | Download Firefox Portable 3.0.4 Now
If you can't get this freeware, leave a comment.
See my computer spec # 3 for testing this freeware.

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